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Build a Wooden Surfboard

You can make a Wooden Surfboard in about a week and for less than $100
Learn to make a beginner surfboard with over 70 Pages of Instructions, pictures, and diagrams.


Easy surfing fitness

Know how to be a fitter stronger and healthier surfer. Enjoy longer rides.
This surf fitness program contains a set full body workouts that will guide to body like surf pro in three stages. Price of less than one pair of new board shorts, you will feel more energy, feel more power and will enjoy your surf sessions on a much bigger scale.



Electronic surfing book revealing the tips and stratgies that separate pro surfers.
Pro Surf Secrets is the template to surfing excellence. While getting out there and surfing is important, if you want to develop your surfing to the best of your ability you need more than that.


For Easy Boat Handling

Manual for Handling Twin Screw Boats Simple and Easy to understand
This manual will teach you a comprehensive system that can be used at the helm or ashore. If you're a beginner and you want to learn how to operate these boats or if you're a professional vessel operator and you want to hone your skills, this manual is for you.


Trade Show Marketing

A Trade show marketing plan that attracts potential customers.
This book covers strategic principles for exhibitors to utilize before, during and after a trade show to maximize the value of their trade show investment. You'll discover what needs to be done to give you a huge advantage over your competition, thereby having additional sales and extra profits.

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