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Elite basketball training

Stop Training Like an Amateur and Start Training With A Pro
Discover why The Scoring Academy and Progression Training are the most effective ways to unlock your potential and totally transform your game. Stop Training Like an Amateur and Start Training With A Pro


Basketball Dribbling System

Reveals The Secret Training Method For Ankle-Breaking Crossovers and Ball-On-A-String Handles.
The One And Only 'Bone Collector' Reveals His Secret Training Method For Ankle-Breaking Crossovers And Ball-On-A-String Handles That Get Respect, Oohs And Aahs And Your Best Chance At Playing D1 ball.


Basketball classroom

Basketball classroom gives coaches at all levels the opportunity to improve.
The site provides you with everything you need to make you and your team better. Coach Stricklin does a great job of breaking down everything from how to run a practice, to game preparation to helping coaches handle parents meetings. This is a coachs dream


Increase Game Performance

Discover The Proven Training Program To Add To Your Coaching Arsenal.
The Unstoppable Offense Program Is A Complete Program That Covers Everything From Shooting To Agility and More. Everything Is Professionally Produced and Each Video Is Broken Down With Clear Explanations, Slow Motion Footage, and Then Full Speed Illustrations. So There Is Never Any Guesswork Or Confusion.


Unguardable training system

Training system that is designed to improve skills of guards by 12 short weeks.
A Complete 12-week Basketball Performance Training Program Designed To Help Guards Improve Their Explosiveness, Quickness, And Strength.


The Rapid Skill System

A proven workout that focuses on the specific skills and drills you need to be able
A flexible workout structure allowing you impliment your favorite moves creating your own you the foundation to begin your basketball career.You'll learn the workout mindset you need to get the maximum return of skill level out of every workout you do.


How To Run A Basketball Camp

Explains how a coach can make $10,000 weekly running a basketball camp
A 96 Page Detailed Book On Basketball's Flex Offense That Includes 183 Clearly Explained Diagrams About One Of The Most Effective Offenses In Basketball.


30 Basketball Practice Plans

A complete plan for the season to save you time and reduce stress.
In The Well-Prepared Coach - 30 Youth Basketball Practice Plans package, you will get 30 ideas that will keep your kids or teens interested in playing basketball. Also you will learn a lot more important skills and knowledge to become a reliable basketball coach to your youngsters.

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